Rainy Day in Lunenburg

It’s been a cool, rainy day on Nova Scotia’s south shore – the kind of day we New Brunswickers haven’t experienced for a long time.

After taking the dogs for a long walk in the drizzle and getting through our morning routine, I planned to spend the day writing. But then we had unexpected company and passed a pleasant hour or so in conversation. The day was getting away on us, so we had to make a decision about how to spend the rest of it. Hmm, what to do on a rainy vacation day in Lunenburg, a World Heritage Site?

There were a lot of options. Visit some of the museums and art galleries in the area? The south shore of Nova Scotia is a noted haven for folk artists. Maybe browse in the numerous funky little shops which carry a vast array of high-quality crafts as well as fine imported clothing, art, home decor, and gift ware? Perhaps park ourselves with reading material
and notebooks at one of several charming cafés, and whet our creative juices with steaming mugs of Laughing Whale coffee?

Well no, we had a better plan. Ceilidh, my muse, was dirty, so we figured there was no better way to spend a grey afternoon than visiting the Dog Shop Bath House and Boutique in Mahone Bay for a DIY grooming session. The bath area is well-designed and they provided everything we needed, even free doggy treats. All we had to provide was the dog and our elbow-grease. Best of all, their staff does all the tidying-up. By the time we left, Ceilidh was clean, fluffy, and
sweet-smelling. Bill and I, on the other hand, were damp and dishevelled and smelled of wet dog. I’m sure the unmistakable aroma wafted in our wake as we strolled back down the street and sat sipping a latté at The Barn Café and Social House.

Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here.