Seafoam Lavender Farm and Gardens

It’s turned into a sunny afternoon. I’m in River John for the “Read by the Sea” literary festival and have some free time between events, so I made my way to this magical place. Just the name of the community “Seafoam” has an element of whimsy.

The sight of fields of lavender just on the cusp of full bloom is impressive enough, but as I stepped out of the car I was greeted by the delicate fragrance of the plants dancing on the breeze.

Everything here is done on a lavender theme, from the painted picnic tables, lawn chairs, and benches to the owner’s shirt.

Dave, the very friendly and hospitable owner, is on hand to greet visitors. He invites them to stroll through the fields and run the plants between their hands to release the aroma. I accepted the invitation. He also told me to take my time, sit for a bit, and relax. I didn’t need to ponder that for long. The grounds are beautiful and the scent of lavender is known for its calming effect.
They hosted a wedding here this afternoon, over by the koi pond.

After a stroll around the fields, I headed for the gift shop. When I opened the door, the intensity of the fragrance made me feel like I was entering a whole new dimension. They have a vast array of products made with lavender and lavender essential oil, including culinary items such as teas and sea salt, cosmetics, cleaning products, and soap. They even have dog shampoo and conditioner, and bug spray. Everything is made with all-natural ingredients, many of them from around the Maritimes. In September, they will have lavender honey, produced by local bee keepers.

Note the signs for pet-friendly parking spaces and the warning about the presence of hardworking bees.

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